Cognitive Yoga -Workshop

Cognitive Yoga and Spiritual Community Building: An introduction to the Independent School of Spiritual Science

We as the TAITEIN team are very happy to invite you to an international event with Finnish Anthroposophist Jeremy Qvick and his colleagues Scott Hicks/US and Johannes Lauterbach/Germany from the Global Event College. The two day workshop will introduce the Independent School of Spiritual Science, founded and led by Israeli Anthroposophist and Spiritual Scientist Dr. Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon.

In the 21stcentury we are approaching a new stage of human evolution, which allows us to become more conscious of the forces and beings that are working in and with us. Making these conscious in a humble and balanced way, we make ourselves more and more worthy of the Great Event of our time, the meeting with the Higher Self of Humanity.

The workshop aims to demonstrate and practise elementary exercises to develop together new faculties for sensing and understanding the forces of individuation and their spiritualisation in communal practice.

We will work with sense perception, observation of objects and observation of thinking and the differentiation of thinking, feeling and will, thereby developing deeper understanding and first-hand experience of how our daily cognition is working every moment. By experiencing and strengthening these forces we may transform them into tools of spiritual perception and understanding. Through this insight we can awaken into the moral responsibility for what we take from the cosmos to build our ordinary self-consciousness, which we then may transform and give back as free gift of love. We may enter through meditative practise the realms where real communion may become possible. Working with cognitive yoga in communal practice, everything we experience in our life becomes meaningful and could speak to us. When we work together building cognitive and moral faculties we create deeper connections with each other and these meetings become a sacred celebration.

The Workshop will be led by Jeremy Qvick, Anthroposophical lecturer, author and youth leader from Finland, Scott E. Hicks, Anthroposophical researcher, philosopher, teacher and author of The Resurrection of Thinking: Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Postmodernism (2018) from the US, Johannes Lauterbach, Anthroposophist, Social Activist and Architect from Tuebingen, Germany. They are faculty members in the Global Event College founded by Dr. Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon.

Tuesday 30. July

9.00 opening, first exercises, introductory lectures
12.30 lunch break
14.00 second round of exercises
17.00 closing for the day
Wedensday 31. July
9.00 third step exercises
12.30 lunch break
14.00 fourth round exercises, closing lectures, rounding off
17.00 end of workshop

Taitein ry, Lehtikuusentie 2, Helsinki, Finland
Participant fee
120,00 EUR / red. 80,00 Eur
including refreshments during short breaks, lunch extra

Registration by 18. July:

Inquiries: Tuulikki Sarekoski: /+358 504343432, Jeremy Qvick: or Kimmo Sarekoski:

Maalaus Leena Tiitta 2018

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